August 17, 2020

Here is a list of the cookies our platform uses:

Our website built uses Laravel framework, which uses cookies for web security. You can find its cookies list below

  • XSRF-TOKEN: XSRF-TOKEN cookie is used to prevent CSRF attacks. Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) is an attack that forces an end user to execute unwanted actions on a web application
  • laravel session: laravel_session is used as session token. Session token is a piece of data that is used in network communications to identify a session, a series of related message exchanges.

Our website also uses third-party cookies, mainly for analytics purposes.

  • Google Analytics: you can find its cookies list here
  • Hubspot: you can find its cookies list here
  • Klenty: kl_hashedCompany_name:
           contains unique visitor id to identify prospect
           contains an encrypted value of prospect’s email id
           expires after 1000 hrs

We don’t use common cookies. Instead, our platform uses the local storage of your browser, what is much more secure.

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