Reach users on their Connected TV (CTV) devices and increase your brand impact by synchronizing campaigns across devices in the household. Benefit from the experience of omnichannel video while following the data driven programmatic approach.

Prime Time Anytime

Combine the inventory quality of Linear TV with the ad spend efficiency of programmatic advertising

Audience Targeting

Reach users by targeting first-party & third-party data. Target viewers based on their interests, demographics, digital behaviors, and precise location-based data

New Audience Reach

Use Innovative way to reach a new, unique and incremental audience: Reach out to TV viewers that advertisers can’t reach without traditional TV commercials.

Premium Viewability

Drive positive interactions(such as 100% ad viewability rate) by targeting better audience segments. Ads run in full screen & 98% average video completion

Content Variety

High quality & brand-safe content; streaming apps, OTT channels, and gaming.

Impact Measurability

Drive better measurability across both online metrics and footfall to stores

advanced connected TV with mediasmart

Household Sync

Increase brand impact by syncing your ads on CTV with ads on other devices in the household

Cross-screen Audiences

Leverage CTV ads with audiences: demographic, interest or location-based data over 1st or 3rd party data.

Tracking & Measurement

Measure metrics that count for you: app downloads, e-commerce conversions, store visits & website visits

Available To Advertisers
Across Any Budget

Skip monthly minimums or upfront payments. Reach the target you need, with the budget you have.

Real-Time Buying And
Incremental Metrics

Quantify TV ads with 25+ KPIs in real-time. Get insights on impression & revenue like never before in traditional TV.

Reach Consumers
Across Global Market

Forget inconvenient one-on-one deals with local TV channels. mediasmart enables advertisers to deliver ads globally.


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